From 10/23/2016 to 11/21/2016


05:04 PM Feature #89 (New): Service monitoring on sensor to GDP gateways
The hosts doing gatewaying of sensor data into the GDP need some sort of service monitoring. Ideally it would check ... Eric Allman


12:46 AM Support #65 (Closed): Upgrade gdp-01 to Ubuntu 16.04
At this point, it should be back to normal (except MQTT gateway programs, for which the startup situation was hopeles... Nitesh Mor
12:22 AM Support #65 (In Progress): Upgrade gdp-01 to Ubuntu 16.04
The OS has been upgraded, with the log-server and router running. All logs were already migrated to 4TB disk earlier,... Nitesh Mor
12:20 AM Support #18 (Closed): viz tool down?
Probably irrelevant at the moment. Closing this Nitesh Mor
12:20 AM Support #68 (Closed): Build standard BeagleBone image
Done creating an image. Not from the script in `/uhb/mqtt-gateway/`, but rather from instructions here [Part 1](https... Nitesh Mor

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