From 05/31/2016 to 06/29/2016


03:29 PM Feature #6: Calendar integration
Redmine integration makes the *shared* part easier, and makes sure that the right people get notified for a meeting. ... Nitesh Mor
03:02 PM Feature #6: Calendar integration
Any reason we need anything more than a Google shared calendar? It seems like we don't win anything from Redmine int... Eric Allman
02:59 PM Feature #6 (New): Calendar integration
It'd be nice to have calendar integration for scheduling meetings or so (not the redmine default calendar, which is p... Nitesh Mor
12:47 PM Feature #4 (New): Repository search
It'd be nice to have a way to search for things in the repositories. As a specific example, I hoped to look for a rev... Nitesh Mor

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