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10:29 AM GDP Bug #130 (Feedback): duplicate advertisements sent on `gdplogd` startup
10:24 AM GDP Feature #134 (New): Implement subscribe by timestamp
There is a stub for `gdp_gin_subscribe_by_timestamp` in the library that should be implemented. This is new function...
10:18 AM GDP Feature #133 (New): Implement read by timestamp and read by hash
Currently `gdp_gin_read_by_ts`, `gdp_gin_read_by_hash`, `gdp_gin_read_by_ts_async`, and `gdp_gin_read_by_hash_async`...
10:15 AM GDP Feature #132 (New): Implement read filtering
Read filtering (e.g., for decryption) isn't implemented. It worked in GDPv0, but the change in payload formats was p...
10:00 AM GDP Feature #131 (New): Implement multiple datums per PDU
The GDP protocol supports the ability to include multiple datums in a single PDU that are linked together in a hash c...


02:12 PM GDP Bug #50 (Closed): router will sometimes connect to itself
Not relevant in GDPv2.
02:09 PM GDP Feature #48 (Closed): Scanning for corrupt indices at gdplogd startup
Not relevant for GDPv2, which uses SQLite for log storage.
02:06 PM GDP Feature #23 (On Hold): Android support
01:08 PM GDP Bug #61 (Closed): GDP Error 600
12:58 PM GDP Bug #130 (Feedback): duplicate advertisements sent on `gdplogd` startup
According to Rick, in some circumstances `gdplogd` will advertise all of the logs it knows about and then immediately...

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